We are passionate about enabling better lives through supporting not-for-profit charities to build stronger, more inclusive communities. This belief is reflected through Revolution’s strong commitment towards partnering with dedicated charities to drive positive, long term social change. Through our partnerships, we aim to help deliver tangible impact within communities across key causes that are identified as critically important by our employees and stakeholders and aligned with several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The charities we have partnered with are designated to pass through over 90% of funds raised which highlights the real impact and difference made in the areas of focus by:

  • Supporting the disadvantaged children, young adults, women and families in Kenya and Ethiopia by providing education, employment, welfare and essential supplies as well as healthcare support.
  • Teaching and delivering specialised community care and resilience to those impacted by recent conflicts in their regions.

OnCourse is a small Australian based charity started in late 2013 after identifying a lack of education, training and employment opportunities in Nakuru, Kenya which were tightening the grip of poverty on local communities. The OnCourse team has spent time with a large number of people who were both capable and driven to improve their quality of life, but through no fault of their own, were unable to do so.

Countless people in these Kenyan communities have had their education cut short at a young age by financial pressures, and quickly find themselves with no employable skills and a lack of opportunities for them to gain these skills. Without employment or education, individuals are unable to generate a sustainable source of income or fully realise their own value as members of the community. OnCourse was started to address all these issues and empower passionate people to create positive social, economic and personal change across the world.

OnCourse does the following activities
  • Puts young adults into vocational training courses to help them get jobs;
  • Puts kids back into primary school through covering school fees; and
  • Provides a fun environment to marginalised young adults to allow for counselling and social support.
  • 200+ Kenyans have been positively impacted from OnCourse in various forms (access to schooling, vocational training as well as food support in exceptional circumstances). Many of these beneficiaries have been able to generate their own income and improve their quality of life.
  • 100% of donations have gone directly to their operations in Kenya with no overheads or administration allowing all proceeds to directly impact those candidates who can benefit most.
  • 3 key projects to date all built around empowering youth and women through education and employment.

OnCourse believes in deep and targeted relationships with individuals and families that are doing it tough, through no fault of their own. Typically, the children we work with have missed at least one year of their primary school education. Equally, our young adults often only got as far as primary school and have very little job prospects. This all too often leads to other challenges.
OnCourse works with determined, positive and hardworking individuals. Many of our primary school students are outperforming their peers (despite missing school due to poverty). Most of the young adults that we support have now received a nationally recognised trade, as well as work placements in their field of study (plumbing, carpentry, tailoring). We think that’s a good achievement. Importantly, it’s their achievement.
Jack Mannix | Co-founder and CEO, OnCourse

Create Impact is a small Australian based not-for-profit established in 2010, to help Ethiopian children living in extreme poverty to support them achieve an education through primary and secondary schooling and expand their life opportunities. Create Impact has since developed a holistic approach to support rural and remote communities to prosper and children to thrive. They work hand-in-hand with local communities to understand the areas of greatest need and focus on education, clean water and health care projects to create a lasting impact in each community.

  • 8 newly constructed primary schools and 2 secondary schools for rural children to access a free, safe learning environment.
  • 10 rural communities provided with access to clean water facilities and 2 new health clinics contributing to a reduction in maternal, infant and child mortality.
  • 90%+ of funds raised by Create Impact projects are directly invested on the ground in rural Ethiopia.

Sub-Saharan Africa has been identified as one of the poorest regions of the world, with 9 out of 10 children living in extreme poverty and half of all children still not in school. Bringing about effective change requires a collective effort, from the families in Ethiopia; to local leaders and government; to our teams in Ethiopia and Australia; and to our generous benefactors in Australia. Revolution Asset Management’s support helps us bring our projects to fruition and directly contributes to changing the capacity of vulnerable communities. We thank the Revolution team and look forward to sharing the outcome of this collective effort.
Georgina Fenton | Founding Director & Project Manager, Create Impact


Revolution Asset Management proudly supports these inspiring charities by enabling our partners to make a tangible difference to these communities.

If you would like to support those in need, you’re invited to make a tax-deductible donation through the direct charities’ websites above.