About Revolution Asset Management

Revolution Asset Management (Revolution) is a specialist investment manager established to provide institutional, wholesale and professional investors with access to the Australian and New Zealand private debt market. 

Income received from private debt investments moves in line with changes in the underlying RBA cash rate, which is the opposite of fixed rate bonds, equities and property that have benefited from a falling interest rate cycle.

Revolution Private Debt Fund II and Revolution Wholesale Private Debt Fund II are open for investment. Both funds are designed for institutional and wholesale investors only.

Revolution Private Debt Fund I is closed to new investors.

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Australian and New Zealand private debt is a viable and long term asset class that has the potential to provide investors with high income and capital stability.
We want to ‘revolutionise’ the way investors think about fixed income asset allocation. By accessing secured, floating rate investments, investors can complement the defensive allocation of a portfolio.
Our philosophy is centred around capital preservation. Our disciplined process is designed to deliver targeted returns with low volatility.
Our investment team is highly experienced with a strong track record in managing Australian and New Zealand private debt.
We embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into our process to holistically assess opportunities and assist with the reduction
of risk.

Business Structure

As a specialist investment manager, we believe our clients’ success is ultimately our success, and our business structure creates a greater alignment of interests and strong focus on investment outcomes.

Our values are based on trust, value, innovation and performance. As active investment managers, we have built a culture of transparency and collaboration – which carries through to our partnership with Channel Capital. All of the investment team members and business owners are incentivised by dividends alone.

Australian and New Zealand private debt appeals to investors due to its ability to provide long term stable returns. Depending on liquidity needs, we see defensive portfolio allocations of up to 20% to this asset class. The floating rate nature of private debt also means less concern about rising interest rates and a level of inbuilt protection against inflation.

Bob Sahota | Managing Director | Chief Investment Officer


Board of Directors
Bob Sahota – Chairperson
Simon Petris – Executive Director
David Saija – Executive Director
Glen Holding – Non-Executive Director


Bob Sahota
Managing Director
Chief Investment Officer

Simon Petris
Executive Director
Senior Portfolio Manager

David Saija
Executive Director
Senior Portfolio Manager