• Investment briefing with Bob Sahota and Revolution Asset Management

    As investors in recent years have continued to move up the fixed income risk curve in the continuous search for yield, alternative fixed income strategies such as private debt may provide much needed capital stability within a balanced portfolio. The avenue now exists within Australian fixed income for investors to preserve capital whilst producing stable income.

  • Melbourne, 15 May 2018: Breakfast for Institutional Investors

  • Sydney, 16 May 2018: Breakfast for Institutional Investors

  • If you wish to attend or would like additional information, please email us here.


Looking beyond traditional fixed income strategies in a changing market environment.

  • The risk/return characteristics of private debt, and how it can help diversify credit exposures.

  • The low correlation characteristics offered via private debt vs. traditional asset classes.

  • How private debt can offer an inflation hedge as income derived from private debt investments moves in line with the RBA cash rate.

  • The size, growth and evolution of Australia’s private debt market and why it should be considered in this late cycle phase.

  • Why Australian private debt has not experienced the same levels of local competition as other parts of the fixed income market, resulting in the potential full strong sustainable returns.